Weekly Bookish Tarot & Oracle Reading: August 8th-15th

I’ve been reading tarot & oracle cards for nearly a year now as a personal hobby, and I love using them for a little advice in my creative pursuits and pastimes. I don’t know if I’ll do this every week – schedule & confidence permitting – but from time to time I’ll do these readings over here.

Want some input into your reading life this week? This tarot & oracle reading is for all of you.

This week’s draw featuring the Tarot of the Magical Forest + the Secret Language of Animals Oracle cards. How pretty is my new Kambaba jasper above the knight of swords?

We start off with the tarot and the Knight of Swords. This is possibly the card I draw most, either daring me to charge into a task or warning me that I’m a little too focused on the intellectual aspect of something and I’m at risk of burning out. In our reading lives this week the knight asks: are you putting too much pressure on yourself to reach your goals? Are you so determined to read a lot, understand everything and express informed thoughts on your books that you’re losing sight of all else and at risk of burning out?

Turn to the Dragonfly. A dragonfly is a flash of colour, that speeding beautiful blur that makes you gasp and chase it, fumbling for your camera to remember this brief moment of wonder. The key words of this card are magic, spontaneity, immediacy, change.

The dragonfly challenges you to come back the to present and find the magic in reading again. This can be bigger: abandoning that huge TBR pile for a childhood favourite, splurging on an unheard-of cover buy, reading only in a theme that brings you joy this week (for me that would be badass women, or witches, or badass witches).

Or it can be as small as remembering to keep your mind open to imagery that startles, plot twists that shock. Let reading make you smile and laugh and cry, let it bring you hope and joy. Surprise yourself.


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